Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fruit Plants as Ornamental Plants


Many ornamental plants we encounter in the pages of the home. These plants consist of various types of flowers and other unique plants. Ornamental plants are widely used to beautify a page. This page will look very pretty when ornamental plants such as roses, jasmine, orchids and other flowering plants are flowering. Especially when flowering together, the page will look colorful. Fruit crops there nowadays also used as an ornamental plant. Fruit crops as well as ornamental plants are more multi-functional. Besides fruit trees can be taken can also be enjoyed.
Examples of fruit crops as well as medicinal plants is a plant tomatoes, grapes, and dragon fruit.Tomato plants have leaves that are beautiful and the size is not too large. While the vines are vines that we can give shape to the vine. Dragon fruit itself has a very unique shape almost like a cactus because it has no leaves. Fruit crops as well as ornamental plants are started mostly done by the people of Indonesia. Because it is better if these plants are fruiting. The fruit can also add to the diversity of color in the yard. The fruit can be used as a decoration before the page is taken. If the owner wants it, he can pick his own. This will be very exciting especially when done with the family. In addition to fruit crops that are used as ornamental plants, many are using medicinal herbs as ornamental plants. Medicinal plants were selected that tree is not too big and look beautiful. Examples of medicinal plants used as an ornamental plant is a plant makutadewa and ginger plants. Plants makutadewa not too mesar and makutadewa own berrwarna bright red so it can be used as ornamental plants. While the ginger plant has leaves like grass but it will look beautiful when the leaves have been many. Ornamental plants include not only the plants that have beautiful flowers only. Fruit trees and medicinal plants can be used to beautify the garden and yard. Keberaganam contained plants in the garden or yard will also add to the beauty. (

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