Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Powerful Tips For Orchid Plants


Not a few of us want to have the expertise to grow orchids at home. By knowing a few simple tips on how to grow orchids, you can grow orchids as easily as a professional grower. The orchid is an exotic flower, beautiful and relatively simple to grow as long as you know the proper way to care for orchids as below.
Understanding planting techniques - great orchid seeds are already have a lifespan of 1 year or a leaf that has already reached 1 cm and is accompanied by the emergence of two to three strands of the root.
All orchid seeds can you plant the first time in plastic pots. After three months, these orchids can be moved to new places like the small pot size 8 to 10 cm for three or five plants. Do not forget to include fungicide solution as well as organic fertilizer. Until the next three months orchid seeds that have been growing it can be moved to a bigger place to plant a crop. In addition, every six to eight months you need to replace with a new medium.
Understanding the roots - Often you will find the roots of your orchid plants begin to grow out of the planting. You may be tempted to re-enter the roots coming out the back in place, this can actually harm your plants. Instead, to care for orchids move into larger pots where the roots will have enough space to grow.
Enforcing the plant stems - stems of orchids can grow quite high. If you've purchased the orchid flower shop, you can see that the plant is supported with a buffer. By using the buffer, you can enforce the trunk up to stand tall and weighing these plants do not naturally make him fall as he grows.
Keeping the temperature - Knowing how to grow orchids depend primarily on the needs, such as temperature. You should always ensure that your orchids remain in the environment with a temperature of 15 to 35 degrees centigrade. As long as you consistently maintain the right temperature for orchids, you will see success in caring for orchids. A few simple steps above you can follow and be sure to provide watering, temperature and light intensity that is right for your orchids.

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