Friday, December 02, 2011

Plants that Fits In Terrace Houses


Plants that Fits In Terrace Houses. Terrace Houses combines comfortable seating as well as the surrounding greenery. Most patio furniture instead make an appearance to be full and overflowing. So, what plants are suitable placed on the porch? Some plants in hanging pots can break down rigid impression on the porch, especially if you tend to narrow terrace house. Hanging plants in pots such as betel ivory, lily paris, red betel plant, lipsticks, begonias, and taro. Treatment plants in hanging pots is also easy, because the condition is only sufficient water and light. Do not get too hot, because the plants will wilt and will reduce the levels of leaf color. While for terrace with a broader measure, you can put the plants in large pots on the porch floor. This type of broad-leafed plants should, because the leaf width will provide attractive green appearance that looks shady terrace and comfortable. Some types of broadleaf plants to choose from such as the type Aglonema, anthurium, croton, and philodendron. To serve on the terrace, you can arrange pots combined with large-leaved plants such as tables, chairs, wood furniture or rattan. Undoubtedly, the combination of green plants and brown natural wood will make your guests feel at home or linger on the terrace of your house. (

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