Saturday, January 10, 2009

Treatment the 10% growth of plants


Menumbuh-developed type of Anthurium Supernova or as a whole is quite easy, provided attention to four main elements, namely sunlight, temperature, humidity and air circulation. Elements are 'compulsory' Anthurium known by the owner, let alone occupy the new new climate. Yo said, treatment plants at least fill 10% of the total plant growth, particularly from the four main elements of yesteryear. Especially when the plants go in the new environment which is different from the habit. One time the owner or switch for the contest, especially outside the cities. Anthurium although not need much sun, but there must be, at least 30% of incoming sinarnya illuminate garden Anthurium, Yo supplement. For, if the lack of leaf-ray will automatically sweep to find the rays. As a result, the structure of the leaves will change course and reduce the beauty. However, excess sun will also create and burn the leaves are dry, he added. There are several types of Anthurium is relatively resistant to the sun. Among them are the type of Anthurium wave of love and leaves a blackish color slightly. Toleransinya but only about 35%, so it still must be placed in a protected location. Alternative if still outside the room, you should use paranet 75% for the muted sunlight. Meanwhile, for placement in the room, try to remain in the place of light. And, if not, help with the process fotosintensisnya Fluorescent lights to avoid the pale-colored leaves and muddy, and let the sun at least once a week. For temperature, grown close to the ideal growth Anthurium in the range 14-28 ° C, because the optimal temperature, the maximum klorofil will grow. The more klorofil in a leaf, the color that caused the sharp mengkilat.Kelembaban and is expected to be dikisaran 80-90% with the hope to avoid damage. Excess moisture to be easily exposed to diseases, such as mold. Meanwhile, too dry, the leaves dry and wrinkled. Last note is that the air circulation, because the air moving smoothly, then the more easily obtain the required plant. For plants that are placed outside the room may not be too problematic, but when placed in different rooms and the green house. For green house, try to have a height of more than 3 meters for better circulation. This treatment also applies to the Supernova and other types of Anthurium. Yo said that taking a height of 6 meters in the green house own. source:

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