Saturday, January 10, 2009

Exotic flora penyerap poison


Sansevieria; Plant harmonious and beautiful eyes is the original habitat is tropical dry (desert climate of hot & barren mountain), has the benefits of the rare plants found in the other. Sansevieria have characteristics in common save water throughout the body in the amount of many, has rimpang, thickly leaved, and the end of the spiny leaves or thorns. Researchers often called by the plant Perintis (Old century plant), the ancient trees that are able to survive when other plants from the family is not able to survive dilingkungan a very barren and changes to the relatively extreme temperature Chinese beauty look Sansevieria from a heavily perfumed flowers therefore called pak lan, sweet mei lan, ylang ylang, and jasmine. Chinese have looked good 8 plants Sansevieria;
1. Fertility (does not require special planting media),
2. Long live (resistant to extreme conditions and anti-pollutant),
3. Intelligences (mutation can form and color),
4. Arts (can dibonsai and in the grouping),
5. Yin-Yang (......),
6. Beauty (and have the form of a unique color that you can even toss-ray),
7. Strength (ditanah vertical growth and in the pot), and
8. Prosperity (of the goods is a good rimpang and stek leaves, even anakannya can penetrate soil & pot).
Perhaps the results of research done by the Agency to the United States (NASA) show that Sanseiveira able to absorb 107 types of dangerous elements. Other research can be concluded that for the room of 100 m3 simply placed Sansevieria Lorentii adult leaved 5 sheets so that the room is free of pollutant. The specific characteristics rarely found in other plants are able to live in the range of temperature and light area, is very resistant to the dangerous air gas (pollutant), even menyerapnya able didaerah berlalulintas so dense and the room filled with smoke as nicotine antipolutan ( air freshener). Meanwhile, in Africa Sansevieria sap used as antiracun snakes and insects. Facts unique Sansevieria other than ornamental plants are:
1. Oxygen Sanse issue and able to absorb the smell / pollution is around 24 hours continuously.
2. In addition to the plants used for Outdoor dilahan open, can also be planted in Indoor because it can survive long enough without having to hit the sun.
3. Name the type of Sansevieria more definitive because pemberiannya come from Penelitinya.
4. Protected by the International Organization for agencies in their own habitat sanseiviera already endangered.
5. To this decorative plant that is recognized world / organization has the official Bonsai, Anggrek & Sansevieria (Sansevieria Sociaty International)
6. Mutation can form and color
7. Scarcity of some types of Sansevieria a challenge for the Hobis to memburunya and so have problems dinomor duakan price.

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