Saturday, January 10, 2009

Flowers Pachypodium


Plant Pachypodium Purba a rare nan Exotic Ornamental plants this one Pachypodium actually been popular in the early era of the 1990s. But somehow I new in early 2007 peminat to plant again this busy. While abroad, already more than 1 century, researchers, collectors and lover of rare plants and pursue collecting plants that they say is endangered. Pachypodium plants that already seems to be living for millions of years ago before the era of the stone age, is a plant that can be able to continue to evolve and adapt to the habitat where it grows. The rest of the ancient trees still survive and be sustainable until now has interests mampumenarik researchers and collectors rare plants since the end of the century-to-18.Spesies new species of plants Pachypodium continue to be born, able to evolve as the plant is going on hold birth to a new hybrid species, not only on the original habitat (Madagascar), but also in all continents where this plant can grow and evolve. It seems there are hundreds of species of plants Pachypodium that can not be identified and terklasifikasi. Meanwhile, this new species, about 25 are widely known in the world. In Indonesia, the plant is new to the era of the 1990s, the type of dibudidayakan is still limited (about more than 15 species that can be found in Indonesia) as the suitability of growing conditions and problems hampered protection imposed by their home country (Madagascar), and other countries in Africa Selatan.Meski so species of plants have very Pachypodium attract lovers of the decorative plants diIndonesia because of the thorny bonggolnya and form of leaves and flowers are beautiful. Pachypodium are native plants (plants endemic) on the island of Madagascar, southern Africa (Mozambique, Angola, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Swaziland). Many people consider Pachypodium similar to the cactus plant, and some are even considered including in the the ornamental palm trees.

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