Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meaning Plant


Plants are mortal who can not migrate, and produce their own food. It's different with animals, especially humans who put out his life with other living organism, with the help of sunlight own food crops produced using inorganic elements that are in place around their lives. This process is called photosynthesis and is done by all types of plants. The nature of this plant is called autotrof, and because this is the nature of the plant is always placed in the first place in each of the food chain organism. In the process of plant photosynthesis carried out in the afternoon sun brighten dikala earth. This process is the process of biochemistry who is also done by the type of mildew and bacteria to produce food. Photos means using light and sunshine this is the plants to change carbon dioxide gas and mineral elements in soil and water to produce sugar (glucose) and oxygen. This process is carried out by the leaf called chlorophyll klorofil that are in the leaves and protected by a layer of wax to prevent evaporation. Sugar plants here are stored as energy reserves, and the resulting oxygen enjoyed by all sentient life in this world. At the beginning of the creation, the earth does not have the oxygen and therefore there is no creature can live a life. The process of the emergence of oxygen in the earth incurred after the first organisms on earth, which is trusted as moss or weed-warming, the process of photosynthesis, the carbon that the earth at that time to meet and create oxygen. The first water-warming eventually evolved and established plants, as there are up to now and create the earth as it is now where oxygen can be obtained freely by other organism. Plant itself is divided into several types, such as mildew, bryophita, pteridophita plants and seeds with some estimates there are 350,000 species that spread throughout the world. 287,655 species have been successful and the rest have not been identified. Crops learned as an object from a branch of science called botanical or ethnobotani. Plant in addition to functioning as a provider of oxygen in the world also has many benefits to the organism that is:
1. As food
Plants at this time to become one of the provider of food for humans, either directly or indirectly. Directly provide plant food staple such as wheat, rice and corn, and various kinds of vegetables and fruits that are important to human nutrition and culture, such as coffee, tea, sugar, beer, alcohol, and others. In addition, the plant also processed into materials for other products such as margarine, cooking oil, milk, soy, and more. Tanamanpun a food animal that is also a human food.
2. For non-food products
As a non-food products, plants that produce useful timber for building, paper, furniture, and so forth, as well as the creator of the cloth. Results from the primeval plants are also useful for fuel, namely coal. For the medical plants produce aspirin, morphine, quinine, etc. and non-chemical products such as herbal ginseng, temulawak, turmeric, ginger is used for traditional treatment. Plants also become the main material needs of households and beauty as well as the main material of making rubber, plastic, gum, and organic chemicals used for science and experiment.
3. As the use of aesthetics
Many types of plants are outstanding as ornamental plants. This plant lovers kept by different plants both for just decorate their houses or to the environment calm, cool temperatures, the blowing wind, reduce noise, increase privacy and protect the soil from erosion.
4. As a developer of science and culture
Crops are also useful as a supporter of science, medicine and the various cultures of the world. As we know that the experts can identify the age of archeologists fossil, and the medical tertolong with the finding of the drug morphine and cocaine. Crops are also widely used as a symbol of some countries and certain groups

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