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Bonsai some time ago, had become a booming and ornamental plants favorite all. The unique shape and a dwarf worship both ordinary people and celebrities and even politicians. Bonsai plants represent the high level of patience and creativity of the owner. Not a bit of time needed to care for a bonsai, you can spend dozens of hours or even a dozen years to treat these dwarf plants. The more unique, and the dwarf plants, the more expensive price of bonsai, bonsai, but the owners claim to care for bonsai that do not pursue only money, but create distinctive satisfaction when they successfully created a unique form of pride in their bonsai. History and distribution Bonsai is derived from the original Chinese Penjing called on the Christian year 200an become the main hobby noble China, which also dipopulerkan by bhiksu the Taoist religion. Bonsai own after becoming a popular symbol of peace keeping Kaiser Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei after successfully conquering keraan-Cao Cao in the year 207 M. War is peace, the War Bukit Merah. Bonsai pruning techniques alone brought to Japan by the Bhiksu China who want to expand their religion in the Heian era kingdom in 794 years until the end of the era M Edo led Tokugawa in the year 1876 M. Bonsai quickly conquer Japan as the noble class on plants that can indicate the identity of the noble. In fact, bonsai is a plant kingdom. Bonsai became known among ordinary people after a Japanese nobleman who teaches techniques for creating bonsai is one of the students come from the ordinary to help caring for bonsai kesayangannya already felt himself too old. With the rapid treatment techniques and the making of this bonsai spread of mouth and become a favorite at all. Bonsai start known world wide in the western United States since the war to the finish-2 in Japan., And in Europe since the bonsai exhibition in the city Eksibisi in Paris in 1987. Although many of the initial protest votes because the strain of making bonsai plants with the genes of growth, but with more of, all people think that bonsai is a priceless art in an ornamental plant. After many people terbius and terkagum-impressed with the unique art of bonsai making, the people who come from the United States and Europe to act more Japanese to learn more about the creation and maintenance bonsai. Bonsai planting To plant bonsai is not complicated, you can buy in the store will bonsai plants or take a plant you like on your home page. Select plants with a main stem and strong enough to move the pot with a very careful not to damage the plants. Then the flow of the plant in accordance with your love with a wire. Check the branches and branches that grow on a regular basis to shape bonsai in accordance with what we want. Another thing that is not less important is the selection of land, because therein the establishment of the stem, twig and limb is determined. Land that is not good for bonsai soil of humus, but each species has a bonsai needs land that is different from one another. Should konsultasilah with plant experts. Choose kadar humus soil with little humidity and keep the land but do not let too much water or land until the cause, because it can threaten the living plants. Caring for Bonsai You can treat your bonsai in a manner that is simple, but necessary knowledge itupun apart so that you can live bonsai long. When irrigation measure first degree Ph land and water to make it easier to measure the water we provide to the bonsai. Give the water at the time the first time to plant bonsai, and do not forget to give more water during dry weather and temperature increases. Choose a pot that can pave sprinkling of water to various corners of the way. To choose the manure fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for the balance of oxygen content in the soil and plant health. Give vitamins to add polish leaves, branches and strengthen the branches and so forth. Crop branches, leaves, branches that grow on a regular basis outside of what we want, which is also the root of the wild forms. When try to cut that does not cause injury in the stem trimmed. Put the bonsai in the affected morning sunlight, but protected from the blazing afternoon sun. For the prevention of pests, provide anti-infection substance that you can buy in the store plants. Consult with experts to plant something for a pest that is suitable for your bonsai plants.

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