Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Formula larutan Pulsing untuk bunga Potong Alpinia


Pulsing solution is commonly used to prolog vaselife by dipping the flower stems in a solution containing sugars and germicides before delivery in order to serve source of energy and to prevent the plugging of stems by microbial growth. An experimentwas conducted to determine the appropriate compositions of pulsing solution to prolog vaselife of alpinia cut flower. In this experiment, 3 kind of preservatives at 3 concentrtions of pulsing solutions were tested, consisted of 10, 20, 30% sugar, 25, 50, 75 ppm AgNO3+50 ppm thiabendazole and dipping periode of 2 hours was the best treatment with vaselife of 12.78 days (6.39 days longer than the control) with bud opening of 42.13%. Keyword: Alpinia purpurata; Cut flower,Pulsing solution, Vaselife, Flower quality. 1.Yulianingsih 2.D.Amiarsi dan 3.Sabari S.D; 1 dan 2, Balai Penelitian Tanaman Hias Hias, Segunung 3.Puslitbang Hortikultura.

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