Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Deteksi Virus pada Koleksi Tanaman Mawar yang telah Direjuvinasi Menggunakan Batang Bawah kultivar Multic.


Rejuvenation on nonproductive roses should be done because of virus infected.The aims of the research is virus detections after rejuvenation using multic rootstocks and order to have healthy breeder seed. The experimen was conducted at Indonesian Ornamental Crops Research Institute segung west java from July 200 to March 2001. Fifteen varieteis of rose had already rejuvenated with multic meristem culture were rootstock were grown in glashouse, one varity matador originated from seed and multic rootstocks originated from meristem cultur were grown in the screenhouse, and other multic rootstocks originated from using direct ELISA tecknique. Result showed that variety of matador seedlings and multic rootstock originated from meristem culture was negatif for PNRSV (11%) and the others (89%) were positif. Keywords :Rosa spp; Virus: Detection; Rejuvenation. Herlina,D., Y.Sulyo, I.B.Rahardjo, dan Darliah; Balai Penalitian Tanaman Hias Segunung

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