Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Analisis Luas Minimum Usahatani Bunga Krisan Potong


The pupose of the research was to find out the minimum land area of chrysanthemum farm for targeted yearly revenue of US$ 2000 to US$ 3500. The research was conducted directly in the region of parongpong Bandung, West Java, from July to December 2003. The results shoed that based on cost benefit analisy with land area of 2,237.5 m2 could provide profit Rp.24,426,500,- within 4 months or Rp.73,279,500,- a year. Based on minimum land area of chrysanthemum farm, if the expected net profit Rp.29,750,000,- (US$ 3500) the land area for chrysanthemum farm was only 908.39 m2 Meanwhile, to reach the expected net profit Rp.17.000.000,- (US$ 2000) a year minimum land area was 519.08 m2. Keyword: Chrysanthemum cut flower; Analisys; Minimum area;Farm. 1.Ridwan,H. 2.Nurmalinda, dan 3H.Supriadi; 1.Pusat Penelitian Dan pengembangan Hortikultura 2.Balai Penelitian Tanaman Hias 3.Pusat Penelitian Sosial Ekonomi Pertanian

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