Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Induksi Akar Batang Bawah Mawar dan Aklimatisasinya


Rose is one of ornamental plant which is very populer due to its esthetic and economic value. Nowdays, the demand of rose is increasing, but good seedling availability is limited. The most populer technique for rose propagation is graffing between the rootstock of one variety with upper plant of another variety which has specific flower type and color. The main constraint on graffing system is unavailability of rootstocks which free from virus, the presence of virus can cause unsuccessful graffing. In vitro culture technique has an important role in plant propagation. The new plant which is resulted by these techniques are geneticaly uniform, free from pathogen, formula for buds multiplication was succesfully obstained in the first year of this study, therefor in the second year research were emphazised on root induction. Formula and acclimatization at greenhouse.The trials for root induction were comparing two kind of basic media (MS and gamborg) the composition of a half and full formula, and it combination with for four rates (0,1,2,3mg/l) of two kinds of growth regulators (IBA and IAA) Trials were conducted with CRD in factorial arrangement. Acclimatization of the plant which was produced by in vitro culture had been done with the treatment of four kind of plant media (soil, green manure, casting, and sawmill) and their combinations as follows (1) green manure (2) casting, (3) sawmill, (4).soil, (5).green manure+casting (6).green manure+soil, and (7).green manure+casting+soil. The parameters observed in the laboratory were number of buds and roots, and length of the roots, while in the greenhouse were plant height, number of branch and internode. The experiment showed that local rose needed only a half formula of MS or gamborg media without plant growth regulator, The best media for acclimatization of local rose was combination of manure and casting (1:1), while for introduction rose was all of kind of media and also its combination with the succes rate of 100%. Meaningly, the most efficient in acclimatization of introduction rose was using compost of green manure. Keyword: Rosa multiflora; Rootstock; Propagation; In vitro culture; Growth media; Acclimatization. Supriati,Y. Dan W.H. Adil; Balai Besar Penelitian dan Pengembangan Bioteknologi dan Sumber Daya Genetik Pertanian

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