Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ornamental Plant Caladium


Has grown 1.5 Caladium century. alokasia sister plant, Colocasia, and xanthosoma was bulbous, root fibers, and perfect bloom. Sugar-apple-like fruit shape and inside it holds 200-500 chocolate colored seeds like sesame. petiole 40-90 cm high. reach 15-46 cm long leaves with various features, such as a heart shape, length and rounded. Mini size is fairly suitable to decorate the porch. for its beauty, caladium cited as the "queen of ornamental plants". In addition to enjoy its beauty, some types of caladium is believed to cure diseases. Burkill, in a book called A Dictionary of The Economic Products Of The Malay Peninsula, said C. humboldtii, Schott (C. argyrites, Lem) jujal in many Chinese herbal shop. C. humboldtii also often used as sires by breeders to produce mini-leaved caladium. Not only that, C. bicolor and C. hortulanom made ​​diligent breeders to produce new types. Now the new hybrid varieties that graced present stock of ornamental plants in the ground water. History records caladium ancestors came from the Amazon rainforest and temperate regions of South America Tropical. Call it Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, and Venezuela. Although originating from the Americas, but cultivation was first performed in Europe in the 1700s. In the journal the University of Florida, Robert A. DeFilipps, Shirley L. Maina, and Juliette Crepin said caladium go to the Continent of Europe in 1704. It was C. bicolor (Aiton) Vent of Suriname sent to the Amsterdam Botanic Garden, Netherlands. Planters were interested in doing crossing. The results, obtained 1500 new varieties. Until now planting caladium in Europe extends to 688 ha. Chosen is patterned caladium festive and broadleaf.

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