Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wijaya Kusuma (Epiphyllum anguliger)


Wijayakusuma (Epiphyllum anguliger) including the type of cactus, anthophita division, the nation opuntiales and dicotiledoneae class. There is a type of cactus around 1500 types of (family). Cactus plants can live in the lush tropical regions are up to. Similarly wijayakusuma plants. Flowers wijayakusuma only split some time and not all flowering plants wijayakusuma can easily, depending on climate, soil fertility and maintenance. In general, the type of cactus plants is difficult to set morfologinya, but wijayakusuma can be seen clearly where the leaves and stem of which, after the plant is old age. Trees wijayakusuma actual form of the leaf blade and set off. Leaf blade flat, green leaves with a smooth surface is not barbed, another case with cactus-cactus in general. At the edge of each leaf wijayakusuma there is a trap-a trap shoot ditumbuhi leaves or flowers. Wijayakusuma can grow a good place not too hot. Local Name: Wijayakusuma (Indonesia); chemical contents: Tumbuhan wijayakusuma have a powerful resource for the muted pain and able to menetralisir thrombosis. Wijayakusuma also has a power that can accelerate masaknya injured abses. Uterus chemical composition of the plants, this research has not been there.

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