Monday, January 12, 2009

When Stress, Plant Releasing "Aspirin"


If people take aspirin stress, it is of the plant. In stressful conditions, the plant would produce a similar chemical substances aspirin. Scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) surprised to find that the stress plants produce aspirin-like substances were detected in the air above it. This kind of oxygen system kekebatan body responds to stress that the plants to protect themselves. The findings hint that this farmers or forest managers and gardens often begin to monitor signs of disease on plants. Stress on the plants can be triggered by insects or other pest attacks. It is known that rare ecosystems that are not healthy. Metil Salisilat "Unlike people who take aspirin as a cure stress, plants have the ability to produce chemicals that are similar aspirin. Of this form of protein that is able to increase their resistance biochemistry and reduce injury, "said NCAR scientist. Measurement shows that they do have the actual amount of chemicals detected in a significant atmosphere around the plant, especially if the plant is drought or stress. Chemicals that are similar to a form of aspirin, which is salisilat metil. Studies prove that the earlier the plant is eaten by animals also produce chemicals that can be felt by the nearby plant. Freely translated from the Associated Press. photo:

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