Monday, January 12, 2009

Mini Green Hookeri


Variant beauty Berstang Short A minimalist form, the smaller - the search. Term it may be appropriate to describe the phenomenon lovers ornamental plants at this time. How does not, all the power is often made efforts to create a dwarf plants, as has been done on bonsai. And it seems, this is also going on Anthurium, plant fenomenal. Basically, not all of the growth of Anthurium 'economical' preferred by pengagumnya. Type jenmanii for example, variants this level generally have a relatively slow growth. That compared with the type of hookeri and waves of love (GELCIN). Therefore, having this type with the size of the giant fiber and leaves the prestige is perfect for the owner. But how about the GELCIN and hookeri? Both species occupy this rank first and second brother bungsunya compared jenmanii in terms of growth and multiplication. Both types often grow quickly and large, create many more pencintanya now look to the type of nature in general than the sheer color, is also seen from the speed of growth may slow or if the term bonsai on Anthurium. Like a collection hookeri businessman in Surabaya this one, Ahmad Nur Hadi (employees, red). Size that is not always, make the type of high hookeri with not less than 40 cm at the age of more than 1.5 years ditawar had this to Rp 4.5 million. That clearly fantastic price, considering the most expensive type of this valued Rp 2 million with the same age. The length of stem with a leaf width is most characteristic of the type often found hookeri green, especially if this type of step is the age of one year more. Usually if get the right nutrition, then this type will grow with the wild and is not supported with the right environment, the stem is long and growing more distant from the impression rouset. Likewise, at a glance, a description that many green hookeri we encountered in every flower show. In general, this type often appreciated an average of Rp 1 million for adults and not the size bertongkol. However, different types of conditions with this one. Semi-oval shape - a bit aft. Glance, reminds us of the type of garuda. Only a special fold in the usual base of leaf garuda, do not have the type of hookeri this one. He short-trunked, with a growth pattern that leaves rouset. Perhaps you will wonder, if this type is that one type of Anthurium hookeri green. Ahmad is an employee of a large nurseri in Surabaya, the claim that this hookeri rawatannya often commandeer many people's eyes that see, both the time and displayed in nurseri time diboyong to each exhibition. In fact, not only those who like Anthurium, some time this collection had attracted jury degree to compete in a fair opportunity Anthurium. [superior] Back at the secret Mini Trunk In the bonsai, a term the stem and root pruning. The goal, to keep the size of the plant, so the mini still. On sansevieria, there is the root of the plant with the media to make certain materials, so that the root of difficult to develop. Adenium and in the world, we know the magic dragon ready to make the size of leaves and plant so minuscule. Then, how about the Anthurium? Basically, according to Ahmad, making it difficult to dwarf hard-easy. Because, sometimes the trees do not require treatment to maintain a certain size to remain tamping, especially on the type of hookeri who generally have a long bar. Ahmad said, if we already know the nature and needs of Anthurium, then it is most easily done by anyone. Typically, light games, the environment, and the temperature is the key that can make hookeri can appear enamor with mini size. Games light Ahmad is the fulfillment ultraviolet rays (UV). That process of photosynthesis to hookeri that adequate, not excessive or not to lack. "If the shortage, the stem will grow aft, until the leaves get sun exposure is enough. Meanwhile, if the most, will reflect on the leaves that will be burnt, "said Ahmad. Size UV ray exposure on the hookeri mini that will be made essentially the same as the type of Anthurium ray needs the other, which is about 20% - 40% of the sun as a whole. Both are environmental factors. In creating the ideal environment, try not to accumulate on one side wind. How, make a ventilator set to work in the wind, so that the lines appear one direction. Generally, the movement of wind is from the side according to the top. However, the wind speed should also set up, not too fast and strong, is also not too weak. For, if the leaves too quickly will not rouset. And vice versa - if the wind is weak - it will be easy hookeri suffering dehydration and prone to illness. And how to make the last hookeri remain stunted and healthy look is to stimulate the room temperature near the plateau. Generally, Anthurium like environment with a temperature between 22-25 0C. In addition to the brick floor or more easily with the air conditioner (AC), it also can be adopted from the orchid, which is using the automatic spray splasher. In addition to the application of the outside - in terms of nutritional needs - should also be guarded. As with the other Anthurium - hookeri - especially green hookeri (which often grow with the stem and leaves bongsor), require phospor and high potassium. If the correct treatment and the provision of proper nutrition, do not wonder if hookeri species that often grows wild and is far from beautiful, can appear with the ideal that leaves minimal rouset. Congratulations try. [superior]

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