Saturday, January 10, 2009

POT ornamental plants


POT ornamental plants and flowers will look beautiful appearance when given foot. Pot flowers and ornamental plants which will add to this legged decorating a guest room or terrace houses. TO install foot pot, needed the ability to select a foot apart so in tune with pot pot containing flowers and ornamental plants or orchids roses will be given a foot. Legged pot will look more beautiful appearance. This is, for example, made Ny Marlina (50). Residents who live in a residential district in CIPAKU, South Jakarta, Bogor City, the space up with the guests put a pot plant with decorative pot feet tall (size 80 cm) in the corner of the room is empty. Pot feet tall ornamental plants that add a corner of the room to be well regarded around. Next, a small pot containing ornamental plants placed on the foot of a pot-shaped small bicycle on the table. Foot-shaped pot sustain a bicycle with a small pot plants into decorative table decorations. Then, a plant pot and plant suplir also given the other foot pot, placed in the terrace house under the window. In addition to its appearance pot, pot feet also work to make it more binding pot firmly. Installation of feet on the pot so that this also meant that the water leak from the bottom of the pot after disiram not dampen the floor. Because, at the bottom of the pot feet this place mat made concave plate to accommodate the water seepage. "Besides, do not require energy to move the pot plants need not be appointed because, quite digeser course, if you want to clean up," said Ny Marlina. Ny Marlina foot buy pot from a friend, Ny Sianiwati, beginner crafter foot pot field with the price is relatively cheap. Small size of the price of Rp 10,000 per fruit, medium Rp 25,000 per fruit, up to Rp 50,000 per foot for the pot size of 100 cm tall. KAKI pot made Sianiwati Ny, who also lived in the area CIPAKU, made with flimsy materials and iron concrete measuring 10 millimeter. Various forms of foot pot made as consumer tastes. Foot powder pot is coated with black plastic so that the resistance to rust. Foot black pot of many produced in accordance with the consumer desire. Various foot pot seller sold many ornamental plant in Jakarta, Bogor, and other areas. The price depends on the size and quality of products. Legged pot can be placed anywhere, anytime you like, pay attention to the room or terrace houses. However, required carefulness in work up the room with a decorative pot plant legged. Select the type of ornamental plants and select the appropriate pot feet. For ornamental plants, buy the ability to decorate a room or garden terrace. No need to buy ornamental plants that expensive. For ornamental plants that remain cheap price hit. He was not less interesting and captivating with the expensive price when styled with the slick. However, do not install the original pot feet. For, if the hit-install foot pot, comfort and beauty can not be enjoyed. (Pun)

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