Saturday, January 10, 2009



(Phyllanthus acidus [L.] Skeels.) This tree came from India, the land can turnbuh light weight and resistant to the lack or excess water. Ceremai many people in the plant, in the fields and other places up to a height of 1000 m dpl. Small trees, up to 10 m high, sometimes more. Many branching, wood thick skin. Single leaf, bertangkai short, arranged in series form a stalk like compound leaves. Leaf blade circular eggs until corner, spire, base obtuse to round, flat edge, pertulangan menyirip, not smooth blond, long 2 - 7 cm, width 1.5 - 4 cm, light green color. Haulm killed when leaving a former branch of the real. Perbungaan form of stem length 1.5 - 12 cm, out along the branches, the form of stars sheath, pink crown. There are female and male flowers in one hand. Buah.batu fruit, rounded flat shape, berlekuk 6 - 8, length of 1.25 - 1.5 cm, width 1.75 - 2.5 cm, yellow young, seeds 4-6, sour taste. nut-brown color flat rounded rnuda. Young leaves can be eaten as vegetables. Young fruit can be cooked with vegetables for cooking because it gives menyedapkan sourness. Ripe fruit can be eaten immediately after diremas with salt water to reduce sepat and sour taste, made after eaten candy or jelly. Increase the seed or grafting. Local Name: Careme, Cerme (Sunda), Cerme (Java). careme (Madura); Ceremoi (Aceh), Cerme, ceramai, camin-camin (Sumatra).; Carmen, cermen (Bali), sarume (Bima). lumpias aoyok, tili; Lombituko bolaano, caramele, carameng (Sulawesi); Ceremin (Ternate), selemele, selumelek (Bread).; Salmele, cermele (Timor).; Can Diobati Diseases: Coughing berdahak, thin body, nausea, cancer, sariawan; Asthma, skin disease, constipation, nausea, stomach due to dirty; Composition: SIFAT chemical FARMAKOLOGIS AND EFFECT: The leaves ceremai typical aromatic smell, no taste. KANDUNGAN CHEMISTRY: leaf, stem bark, and wood ceremai contain saponin, flavonoida, tanin, and polifenol. Roots contain saponin, acid galus, samak substances, and toxic substances (toksik). Meanwhile, the fruit contains vitamin C.

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