Friday, August 08, 2008

But why are the palm and cycad societies almost ALL men?


Here are a few of my uneducated theories: To me the draw for women seems to be the flowers. Men are completely content growing plants which either never flower, or the flowers are insignificant or uninteresting. Women are attracted to color- particularly bright colors, while men seem to like mostly greens and blues (more masculine colors?). Women like little plants while men like big ones. Women like potted plants while men seem to be more apt to grow plants in the ground (now THAT is a total generalization... and I am not even sure if it's at all accurate- plenty of women have huge in-ground rose gardens and other flower gardens). Women like delicate, soft plants, while men like the thicker, spinier and bulkier items. Women are much more content with annuals and don't seem to mind starting over every year (seem to even like it that way)... while men seem to prefer plants that live for centuries. On the other hand, women tend to like to grow plants that are more likely to survive and look good, while men seem less upset when things don't go well, or their plants are the type that look dead half the time. And women seem to spend far less on plants than men do. Copyright © 2000-2008 Dave's

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