Friday, January 04, 2008

Tips for Using Hormones for Root Care


One technique that you can use is using a hormone, a B1 rooting hormone, which is a liquid that we've already have mixed in this bucket here. What you do is you'd actually take your root stock and put it in the hormone and you'd let that soak. Even a nice cluster like this.
You want to minimize any kind of drying out. Sun exposure is your enemy. You really don't want your plant to be in the sun. You don't want those roots to be exposed to the air very long. If you can, use some burlap, use a bucket. Keep those roots nice and moist. You can let them soak in this rooting hormone for probably about a half an hour. It's really, really good. It'll send more energy; it'll get knitted into the soil faster. It just improves overall vigor to the plant.

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