Monday, December 03, 2007

Water Gardening Made Easy


Backyard ponds and water gardens are for birds, butterflies, frogs, fish ... and you and your family. These ponds are typically small, sometimes no larger than three to four feet in diameter, and may be built in barrels or other patio containers. Water is effective in drawing wildlife to your backyard, as well as a natural, relaxing and scenic addition that can provide interest and enjoyment.
Consider locating your backyard pond where you can see it from a deck or patio and it blends in with its natural surroundings. Elevate the soil around the pond slightly so excess water will flow away from the pond, not into it, and be sure any drainage from the pond is away from your house. Plan to landscape around the pond to provide a habitat for frogs and birds that need land and water. If you would like to use a pump to re-circulate water, use a filter or light the area, be sure electrical service is readily available in that area. Additionally, there will be less maintenance if your pond is not under a tree, and most aquatic plants will grow better in full sun. If you do not have space in your yard for a built-in earthen pond, consider a "tub" pond or large water bowls. These can be placed on the patio and provide many of the same benefits as a built-in pond. There are numerous tub kits available that can be as simple as adding water, a pump and some plants. They can also be moved inside in the winter as long as good lighting is provided for plants.

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