Monday, December 03, 2007

Propagation method


Caladiums have two types of propagation, generative and vegetative. Caladium has perfect flower and will set seed if we cross them. Self pollination almost impossible because female part always ripen and wilt before male part ripen. This pollination method is used to get new hybrids, new cultivars. The other way is plant the tuber. Some ways developed to make the best plant from tubers. Plant grown from tuber will have the same type as the mother plant Harvesting tuber : Push the caladium to go dormant. You can do it by letting the soil dry. After wilt, dig the tuber underground. It’s better not to let the leaves completely dry because we will find difficulties in locating the tubers. But if we plant the caladium in pots, it won’t be matter. After caladium lifted, clean the tuber, apply some fungicide, and let it dry. The wounds from harvest process will heal during this time. Storing tuber : We can store tubers for weeks without reducing their strength to grow if we store them right. The wrong way will kill these tubers, maybe they rotten or they suffer frostbite. Once tubers are cold injured, the damage is irreversible. The extent of the cold injury depends not only upon the temperature but also on the duration of the low temperature exposure. Caladium tubers produce moisture. They must be exposed to the atmosphere or they will rot. Spread bulbs thinly on trays. Store in a warm room with good air circulation until ready to plant. (65 to 85 ° F). For long-term storage, 70° is optimal.Disease : The main problem in tuber storage might be fungus. Fungicide treatment on tubers is a must. Occasionally, root aphids or mealybugs proliferateon tubers during storage. If insects are detected on tubers, an appropriate insecticidal dip prior to planting will control the problem. Mites, whiteflies, aphids, mealybugs and lepidopterous larvae (caterpillars) may attack foliage of plants. However, these pests usually do not become severe. Since the turnover of caladiums is rapid, a scouting procedure and application of insecticides on individual demand is a better approach than preventive sprays.

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