Monday, January 16, 2012

Pachypodium, Desert Plants


Make no mistake, this is not a cactus plant. Although both include desert plants, the plants are still one family with this Adenium has its own privileges. Besides prickly, this was tuberous plants. At first glance looks like a cactus because of thorny stems. No wonder if sometimes people are wrong, consider this cactus plant. But if you see the cob, similar right with Adenium. No wonder, because with Adenium Pachypodium is one family, the Apocynaceae. Another family is Plumeria, Nerium, and Allamanda.
So, no wonder if many people also refer to plants that mostly come from Madagascar as spiny Adenium."Its uniqueness lies in the stems and bulbs are covered with thorns," said Kiki Hermanto Bachtiar of Zha Zha Flora. In addition to growing up to 1.5 meters, there is also widened to the side, fan-shaped. Its kind on the market, such as P. christata lameri, P. rosulatum grasilis, P. saundersii, and P. succulentum. The way of breeding Pachy apart from the seeds can be done by cutting some of the stems to grow new branches. "Although the crop is good, unfortunately not to be cut because then the price will be more expensive." Plants whose name is derived from the Greek is like the heat, and not difficult to care for her. "Watering once a day enough and should be subject to full heat for including desert plants," said Kiki, saying the plant is not fitting that is stored in the house. "Constraints care Pachy, at least when moving plants to other media should be stored first in the shade. Only two or three days later could be placed in hot areas." Media cropping consists of chaff, poor sand, cocopeat, and manure. "It's better if a lot of poor sand. For good results and maximum, planting medium should be good and true." Although Pachy flowering, had to wait because it takes a long time. "It was something white, yellow, purple, and orange." Of about 60 species, which is kind of popular penghobis P. rosulatum because of slow growth. "Maybe because if a fast growing, right, ordinary people had seen. No wonder if the selling price is also higher." As for the price of other Pachy, in Zha Zha Flora, from the smallest type of P. lameri around Rp 30 thousand. While this type are expensive to reach Rp 25 million in Jakarta. This plant can survive long because it includes an annual plant. "It just had to wait until high. The type of P. lameri only reaches a height of 1.5 meters to take many years. Look, if a small seed already started to swell move to a more broadly. "Branching Program Pachypodium can be propagated by means of seeds or branching programs. Not all types of branching programs can be done. Usually used a single shaft. Here's how branching:1. Cut the stems of plants that remained healthy until 3 cm of the soil.2. Give depin evenly over the parts that have been cut. Depin knob used to turn off growth. In addition to many forked.3. After 2-3 months and then begin to grow irregularly branch with beautiful forms.4. Selling price is more expensive even doubled. (By. Zha Zha Flora, Alam Sutera Serpong Tangerang (021 70337045) Noverita K. Waldan

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