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In the Rose Propagation Stenting (Setek and Grafting)


Roses (Rosa hybrida L.) are commonly propagated vegetatively, whereas the generative only intended for breeding. Propagation of rose cut flowers are generally propagated grafting, grafting buds or grafting woody eye. Grafting buds done at the time under the bark easily exfoliated. At the time the plant cells and cells of the cambium is in active state.
Implementation of the eye woody grafting technique is similar to grafting buds, only the eye grafting woody rootstock does not have to wait easily.
In this way the grafting can be performed on rootstock cuttings have not rooted or already rooted. However, grafting buds should be done after the rootstock was more than a month. One way to more efficient propagation, which is now mostly done entrepreneurs seed / seedling roses abroad is stenting. This method is a combination of penyetekan and grafting (grafting) done at the same time. Some advantages of this technique is faster perbanyakannya stenting, because when grafting rootstock rooted not wait beforehand; much less plant material used (one leaf buds of the stem + upper and one lower stem segment without leaves), so that when the crop is planted in the field do not grow wild shoots from the rootstock, which ultimately will offset the cost of maintenance.
The use of leafy eye on this stenting technique requires special handling to avoid kelayuan until bertautnya cambium and the growth of roots and shoots. To ensure this purpose, it must be maintained around the leaf to keep it in a moist state. Ways done much to enhance this moisture is by pengkabutan periodic (intermittent misting). With this technique provides a layer of water on the surface of the leaves and stems, lowering temperatures and increasing humidity around the leaves, which will reduce the rate of respiration and transpiration. Grafting success is largely due to a tight relationship cambium of both plants (lower stem and upper stem) that is connected or the occurrence of linkage / braided meristematic between the two.
The stenting procedure Propagation of Work:
1. Some rootstocks can be used roses fence (R. multiflora) or Multic, consisting of 1-2 segments with a length of + 5 cm.
2. Upper stem consists of a cut + 1 cm above the bud eye.
3. Upper stem and lower stem cut off with a knife / cutter, thus forming an angle of 30 degrees.
4. Upper stem and lower stem is connected to one another with a clip for hanging clothes or parafilm.
5. Planting medium used is a mixture of charcoal or charcoal husk husk and bamboo leaf compost (1:1).
6. Planting is done with a spacing of 10 cm x 10 cm
7. Further plants were placed in a plastic house or greenhouse whose light is reduced by 55% paranet installation.
8. Pengkabutan period is set every 8 minutes the fog out for 10 seconds. (Oleh Darliah)
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