Monday, January 12, 2009

So that leaves Puring The Clear


BY H. AHYADI, YAN FROM FLORA IN THE GARDEN SINAWANG, Sawangan, criteria Puring the leaf color is bright, compact and dense. Although there is a certain type, such as Banglor, Kura and Apple needs a long time to menjadii compact. A clear, overall types, treatment is relatively easy puring. Nursery manager faza Abadi, Sariman in Tulungagung, East Java using the media mix. Malang combination of sand, manure and fuel hull, 1:1:1 comparison, "sprinkling in three days once," anjurnya. Like others with Nyanin, farmers in Bekasi Puring confess flush ornamental plants once a day is enough. So be sprinkling the environment. According Sariman, important pangs must be full. If the demand is met sun leaf color will "come out" at an optimal level. Puring color will be assisted with the maximum temperature that is ideal for puring range 28 - 30 ° C. Indeed, the color can not be directly Puring full up. Eruption through the color gradually. At first green, then two sunday so yellow, and after the show barn red blacky, if this color has shown it can be said puring color has been perfect. In addition to the sun, leaf color thickness Puring can dipacu with fertilizers that contain many elements dephosphorize, potassium and calcium. Instead, the provision of fertilizers that contain many nitrogenn that too much can cause leaves to become pale. Various fertilizers pencerah leaf color that is used to Aglaonema are able to push up the color leaf thickness Puring. Pests and diseases also affect leaf color puring. White ant infestation and black wring result leaves puring tertutupi by black layer of soot. If you are the color of leaves puring become blurred. But you do not worry, it can seranggaserangga gadfly attendance declined with the insecticide. Spraying is done once a month. For disease, mold (fungus causes the disease) causes like black soot stains. Form a layer of black disrupt the appearance and prevent prows fotosintesa. Smut fungus can be eliminated with the way the leaves with a wet cloth. Vary due to mutation Mutation is a change that occurred in the genetic material (DNA or RNA), Balk extent on the order of genes (called a point mutation) and on the extent chromosome. Mutation genes lead to the evolution to occur multiformity species was born. According to G. Gregori Hambali, experts plant in Bogor, on Puring mutation that resulted in a lot kultivar mutation is somatik. Mi mutation occurred in somatik cells (body cells, such as leaf, stem or root crop). Therefore you can see, the one species Codiaeum variegatum only penampakan (fenotip) form and color are very diverse, although not disilangkan. Hama-pest attack is like Puring that put them in a less exposed to the sun. So is another way to avert the presence of white ant infestation and can be done with Puring put in place a lot of sun exposure.

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