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Ginger, more than just flavor kitchen, as evidenced effective dispel diseases.
Even NASA, was interested to examine the property ginger drunk the awaknya.
No exact origin of the first alias ginger plant Zingiber officinale has been known as
a nutritious ingredient kitchen drugs since hundreds of years ago.
In china, dried ginger has been used as a raw material for drugs by
a physician who lived at
the time of emperor Shen Nong, who lived 2000 years BC. In china also found two books on medicine that was first discussed savor fresh ginger in the year 500 BC.
In addition to the country's bamboo curtains, which have known the dikabarkan ginger 2000 years BC is india. Western countries are also many who have used ginger
as a traditional medicine. At least it proved with criticism savor the ginger plant in a brazier Saxon medical books published in the 11 century. Two centuries later, ginger is
a spice kitchen which is very popular in England, after the black pepper. Price is also a kitchen spice when it selangit, to gain 1 pound (half kilogram) ginger, have spent
the equivalent value sengan at seekoor sheep. HISTORY Medicine
In china, fresh ginger in it is different from the dried ginger. In fact, there are a
naturalist who thinks ancient ginger comes from two different plants. Medical
experts often have to drive fresh ginger 'cool' or 'poison' and reduce the
feeling of nausea. Meanwhile, dry ginger in use to cure lack of 'cool' in the stomach
pain, stomach pain, diarrhea, cough and rheumatism. Fresh ginger in India also
used to treat nausea, asthma, cough and pain of sudden and intense, also be
used to overcome the heart throb, gangguuan digestion, appetite decreased
rheumatism and even, in the 19th century, a ginger extract asthma medication
cough and the popular in India. For cough medicines, ginger extract mixed in
the juice of fresh garlic and honey, and to ease nausea, added a bit of fresh
ginger and honey sejumput roasted peacock plumage. Fresh ginger powder
can also be mixed in water, then poke-shaped pasta, and to be smeared on
he temple to ease headaches.
Most European ginger tea for indigestion. A study found that drinking two
or three cups of the ginger can reduce the symptoms of gout (inflammation
of joints due to excess acid fiber), flatulence or indigestion (due to too much booze).
In addition, ginger has also savor accelerate blood circulation.
RESEARCH TERBARU Researchers penelit modern fact-member support
for the use of 'traditional herb' is ginger. From the results of the research, ginger
extract, either from fresh ginger and dried ginger, nutritious in the infection
of bacteria, fungus infections, convulsions, pain, injury and disruption stomach,
tumor, cramps and allergic reactions. Ginger extract that is closely in accordance
standard gingerol, the extract does not lose the taste and aroma of ginger
sharp. Research on animal experiments in mice that do in china and the state - west of the State, showed that fresh ginger powerful to ease pain and infection.
Experiments in vitro (laboratory) showed that ginger prevent oxidation
(antioxidants are =) so that it can reduce the risk of cancer, and also
hindered the growth of bacteria. Ginger is also beneficial for blood circulation.
Rimpang plants, this property has antikoagulan (anti-thrombosis) is more
powerful than the garlic or onion. Ginger is also able to lower the cholesterol
level because it can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the blood and liver.
Research conducted by experts in japan show that ginger can lower blood pressure
with the way the rate of blood flow perifer (drah flow edge). Experts have also
tried the ginger to treat migraine. This push in ayurveda therapy to treat
disturbances in the nervous system. Savor ginger as migraine drugs is still need further research. In general, research ginger preferred to see the effect of digestion.
China in the country, the results of research carried out showed that human terhdap
drink made from fresh ginger can reduce stomach acid sekresi for several hours.
Then increased again after a long time. Other research says that dried ginger
root aakan strengthen stomach, small intestine and prevent vomiting.
Latest research shows aseton and Methanol extracts that came from ginger have
a strong effect to prevent the occurrence of tukakl (injury) in the
stomach. Research shows that other gingerol able to overcome the affective
oksisitas (poisoned) in the heart of the road increase bile acid.

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