Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Study on growth characteristics of Robusta coffe generated from seddling, grafting and cuttings


An experiment to study growth characteristics of three different planting materials of Robusta coffee generated from seedling, grafting and cuttings has been conducted at Kaliwining Experimental Garden of the Research Institute for Estate Crops of Jember. Four cultivars namely BP 254, BP 288, BP 358 and BP 409, were used in this experiment. The results showed that the number of primaries and width of canopy of plants generated from cuttings were greater than those of the other planting materials. As regards stem diameter and plant height no significant difference were observed between treatments. Plants generated from cuttings showed a more homogeneous growth. Growth of stem diameter and height of plants generated from grafting were lower than the other two planting materials while the number of primaries and width of canopy were not significantly different from those generated from seedling.

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