Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Efficiency of ornamental plants cultivation.


Review on efficiency of ornamental plants cultivation is to inform on ornamental plants management especially on efficiency of seed management, fertilizer application, growing media, and plant ecology. Research results showed that the best plant performance and flower quality of chrysanthemum were obtained in cyclic lighting pattern of (7,5 light-22,S dark) 8 X and light intensity of 40 lux. The sliced corm with 20 - 40 g could reduced 50% seed of gladiolus. Application of fertilizers 22,5 kg N/ha in the row placement could reduced 350-550 kg N/ha. Chip budding of rose since cutting preparation could benefit on time efficiency. Nitrogen application every two months on Jasmine resulting flower production pattern with sharp fluctuation compare every three and four months. Coconut fiber, the compost of empty fruit bunches of oilpalm, rice husk, compost of bamboo leaf, sugarcane bagasse, and cocoa husk, were efficient media alternate for orchids, pot plant, and cut flowers. Sri Wuryaningsih and Toto Sutater.

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