Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Determination of minimum plot size of Robusta coffe field experiment


An experiment to determine the minimum plot size of Robusta coffee field trial has been conducted. The Randomized Complete Block Design with four treatment levels was used for this purpose. Plant height, stem girth, and number of primary branches were taken as growth variable, whereas weight of coffee cherries at the second harvest was used as yield variable. A regression equation based on power function was made to describe the relationship between plot size and error variance. The results showed that when plant got older, the habitus got more homogeneou. The optimum plot size to observe the growth parameters of Robusta coffee is different depending on the size of the plant. If the coefficient of variation is 10 percent, a plot size of 9-26 trees is optimum for observation done at four months after planting. The value become 7-14 tress and 3-5 trees at 10 month and 16 month observations respectively. As regards the yield, the optimum plot size is the one consisting of 14 trees. Suryo Wardani, Winaryo, Soenaryo; Balai Penelitian Perkebunan Jember

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