Thursday, July 10, 2008

Role of mineral nutrition in stem cutting upon initial growth of cassava


Cassava is generally estabilished using hardwood stem cutting. Cutting quality was influenced by the age of plant, number of buds per cutting, length and part of the stem. Growth during the initial phase of regeneration used food reserves in the plant. The experiment was done in glass house at Surabaya on November 1986. Treatments were arranged in factorial randomized block design with four replications. The result showed that there no interaction between length of stem and planting medium affacted significantly initial groeth of stem rather than sand even after 14 until 21 days growth. It was shown that nutrient elements absorbsed from the soil by the roots. The cutting length of 25 cm increased initial growth of stem significantly rather than did in 15 cm cutting, but was not significantly differnt with cutting length 35 cm. Zainal Arifin; Staf peneliti balai penelitian tanaman pangan Sumandi.

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