Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mars must have palms and Venus is a flower garden


I have been a member of multiple plant societies over the years and one of the most fascinating things I have often pondered are the gender demographics of some of these societies. As a child I had always assumed plants (flowers) were a woman's department. I hardly ever saw men working in the garden- they were at ‘work', while the women stayed home and worked in the garden. I personally had no interest in plants until much later in life, and perhaps my early observations had something to do with that. My first exposure to a plant society was with the African Violet ‘club' my wife considered joining at one time- turned out to be as I had always expected, mostly women, though a few men were involved (I assumed they were spouses dragged into the club kicking and screaming, just as I was prepared to do should my wife try to get me to join). By Geoff Stein (palmbob), July 13, 2008

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