Thursday, July 10, 2008

The equilibrium moisture content of three soybean varieties (Glycine max L.) at the various relative humidity


The aim of this experiment was to study the storage stability of soybean through the study of its equilibrium moisture content at various relative humidity. The soybean varieties used were Lokon, Guntur and Lokal Brebes. The equilibrium moisture content conditions were settled by adsorption static method under room temperature of five levels of water activity (Aw). The experiment was conducted using complere randomized design. The c and n contants were calculated by using Henderson equation. Results of the experiment indicated that there were no difference in equilibrium moisture content as well as c and n constants value among the three soybean varieties. In conclusion the three soybean varieties would have had the same storage stability; therefore they need the same storage sondition to reach optimum storage stability. Soejadi; Staf peneliti balai penelitian tanaman pangan Sukamandi

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