Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A new home: getting them in place


Fill all the big 7 litre pots with the soil you got. Leave some three fingers room from the top. We have to add water later. Now get the small plants and carefully take them out of the smaller pots. Make sure not to break any leafs or roots as you do so. Make a hole in the soil of the new pot about the size of the small pot, chuck a gulp of water into the hole and put in the plant. Now press the soil around the plant gently but firmly. Make sure all the roots are covered. When the plants are firmly placed in the new pots, add about half a litre of water to all. Now lift the pots and remember their weight. You could even use a kitchen scale and write it down. All pots should be about the same weight and during the whole growing and flowering stage they should remain about the same. You can now place them in their final location under your large lamp. Keep the light on a 18h of light and 6h of darkness cycle and start the desk fan and ventilation system to simulate the wind. Check on your plants every day, keep the soil moist and check all systems for failures. Check to see the leafs move a bit because of the desk fan.

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