Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bugs, Diseases and Problems


Extreme failure of the plants is pretty rare. Usually too much or not enough water, a shortage of fresh air or a cold room are the cause. Smaller problems can be bugs or nutrient dosage.
BugsIf you spot animals in your plants, kill them off with regular bug spray. Go to your local garden store and find a cure for the particular bug that can be used on fruit bearing plants. When you get bugs in the last few weeks of the flowering period, remember you will probably be smoking the stuff later on. You might even choose to just let the bugs be. After the harvest, clean out your room thoroughly. An alternative is using natural enemies of the bugs. See a specialist for this.
Nutrient problemsWhen during the early stages of growing the leafs of the plants turn weak and yellow or start showing yellow spots, try adjusting the dosage of nutrients. You might be seeing a shortage of nutrients, so adding some more to the water might do the trick. Don't overdo it!
When the plants have curled up leaves and look like they have been burnt, you might have given too much nutrients. Stop giving the nutrients for a while, but give some extra water to flush out the excess nutrients.
Remember that soil that has been used multiple times could need some extra nutrients and fresh soil probably needs less.
Rotting budsWhen you spot some rotting in your buds, you know the air is too moist and probably too cold. Try adjusting the airflow of the desk fan to reach the buds. Cut out the bad pieces of the rotting. If you don't, it will spread like a bonfire. Leaving dead leafs in the buds will increase the risk of rotting.

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