Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Plant regeneration of Anthurium andreanum cv Rubrun


To establish an efficient regeneration system for Anthurium andreanum cv Rubrun, seeds from plant spadixes were germinated on a medium supplemented with 2.2 m M BA. After 2 weeks, 74% of the seedsgerminated and four weeks later, micro-cuttings fromthese plantlets were subcultured on a mediumcontaining 4.4 m M BA and 0.05 m M NAA. On average,3.6 shoots per explant were obtained. Four weeks old invitro plants from germinated seeds and the plantlets
obtained from micro-cuttings, showed callus proliferation at the stem base. These tissues were subcultured on a medium supplemented with 8.9 m M BA and 2.7 m M NAA. After 6 weeks of culture, about 43.8 plantlets per square cm of callus were obtained. Anatomical studies.
showed the organogenic nature of these calli. Anthurium andreanum plants regenerated by organogenesis were transferred to pots and a rate of 80% of plant acclimatization was obtained. Keywords: Callus, micropropagation, organogenesis.

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