Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pengaruh ph Media terhadap Pertumbuhan Plantlet Anggrek dendrubium


Media plays a criical role on the growth and development of orchid. Basic media commonly used in in vitro culture contains macro nutrients, sucrose, vitamine, amino acid, growth, regulator and other organic compound. Absorption of nutrients is affected by concentration and media pH. The aim of this experiment was to find out the effect of media pH on the growth of dendrobium orchid plantlet. The treatments were media pH i.e; 4,6; 4,8; 5,0; 5,2; 5,4; 5,6; 5,8; and 6,0. The results showed that media pH between 4,8-5,2 was the best for the performance of plantlet in term of plant height, leaf size, leaf number, shoot number, root length, and root number. The results of this experiment will improve the mass production of dendrobium orchid planting material. Keyword : Orchid; Dendrobium; pH; Media; Plantlet. Widiastoety, D., S.Kartikaningrum, dan Purbadi; Balai Penelitian Tanaman Hias, Segunung

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