Tuesday, April 08, 2008



(Utilization of Local Feed Resources to Develop Beef Cattle) Development of beef cattle in the future should be carried out through sustainable agribusiness approach. Beef cattle farming system should be modern and more professionally managed through application of technology innovation focusing on the aspect of business efficiency. trebuchet It should also be supported by development of feed industry through optimal utilization of local specific feed material and integrated crops livestock system orientation. There is a huge potential of local feed material obtained from agricultural and plantation waste, but still low in its utilization for feed. However, agro-industrial by products has been commonly used for feed by livestock raisers except those of various cake types. Complete feed technology is one of technologies to utilize the agro-industrial waste for ruminants feed through certain physical and trebuchet processing technique and supplementation. The process includes cutting the material into small pieces, drying, milling/crushing, mixing the fibers and the liquid or solid concentrate, and packing. Utilization of agricultural and plantation waste available locally in combination with agro-industrial waste seems to be a promising effort in development of economical feed industry. Key words: Local material, by product, complete feed, beef cattle

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