Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Media Tumbuh, Tingkat Daya Hantar Listrik, dan Pencucian Media untuk Kualitas Anthurium Pot.


The electric conductivy of soil less media was one of parameter useful for nutrient application. Its accumulation on media was needed watering, for suitability condition for plant growth development. Research to find out growing media , electic conductivity and watering period of potted anthurium was conducted at a plastic house from August 2001- March 2002. Randomized complette block design with factorial pattern consists of three factors and three replications were used. The first factor was two growing media (coir dust and coir + zeolite). The second factor was three levels of electric conductivity ( control, 1 and 1,5 dS/m) and the third factor was three watering interval (3,5 and 7 weeks). Research results showed that coir dust + zeolite media with 1 dS/m fertilezer application and watering period at 7 weeks have the highest plant weight 84,78 g/pot. The value of electric conductivity on coir dust medium was between 0,34-0,45 dS/m and significantly different with coir dust + zeolite of 0,22-0,28 dS/m at starup and during experiment. The electric conductivity 1 dS/m and 1,5 dS/m resulted chlorophyll number, and sucker number were not significantly different. The used of coir dust with electric conductivity of fertilizer 1 dS/m and media leaching 7 weeks could be recommended as an alternative tecnology package for the growth of potted anthurium. Keywords : Anthurium andreanum; Growing media; Electric conductivity; Leaching media; Product quality. Wuryaningsih,S., J.Prasetyo, R. Tedjasarawana, dan A.Mintarsih; Balai Penelitian Tanaman Hias, Segunung

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