Friday, April 04, 2008

How to Care For an Anthurium


The Anthurium's long, deep red, white and pink heart shapes express love. The tropical plant is well-known in Hawaii as "The Flower with a Heart." Other plant lovers describe it as the tail flower, the flame plant or the flamingo flower Step 1:Thoroughly water the anthurium once a week, and then let it dry before watering again. Step 2: Give the anthurium a quarter turn every time you water it. This balances the growth on each side of the planter. Step 3: Keep the anthurium warm, around 78 to 90 degrees. At night, a temperature of around 70 to 75 degrees is sufficient. Step 4: Allow plenty of indirect light indoors. Never place the plant in direct sunlight. In low light, the plant's growth will slow or stop flowering. If you see an anthurium with long, stretching leaves, it means the light is too low. Step 5:Use a light fertilizer solution, diluted to quarter-strength. Step 6: Spray water on the foliage, and then wipe carefully to keep your plant clean and pest-free. Wipe the undersides as well. Anthuriums attract the usual indoor plant pests, so keep a watchful eye. If you notice any pests, treat the plant right away. Step 7: Check the soil regularly to make sure drainage is sufficient. Disease occurs when the water does not drain well. Humidity may cause disease, but well drained soil usually prevents the problem

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