Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hasil dan Kualitas Mawar pada Dua Formula Nutrisi Cair dan Frekuensi Pemberian


Frequency of application of liquid fertilizer, rose cultivar, and nutrient formula influence quality and quantity of rose yield. This experiment was conducted to determine the highest yield of liquid nutrient formulae and frequency applied on two rose cultivars. Using asplit-split plot design with there replications from April 2001-Februari 2002 in plastichouse at Segunung Field station of Indonesian Ornamental Crop Research Institute,1.100 m asl. Frequency of application treatments of liquid fertilizer used as main plot. Rose cultivars used asub plot, while nutrient formulae used as sub plot which consisted of 2 formulas i.e commercial and A1 cipanas formulae. Result showed that no interaction between frequency of application of liquid fertilizer, rose cultivars, and nutrient formulas on all variable observed. Frequency of nutrient application twice a week was found to be better than once a week, because it tended to give higher flower yield and weight of fresh flower. Flower quality aws also better such as length stem, stem diameter ,mature flower diameter, and old flower diameter. Cv.Black magic produced flower yield 51 stem/m2 and weight of fresh flower 33,24 g/stem that tend higher compared cv. Garand gala cipanas A1 nutrient formulae was better compared to commercial formulae. Result of experiment served information as a better frequency of nutrient formulae applied given to rose cultivar. Keyword; Rosa hybrida; Cultivar; Nutrient formulae; Frequency of application; Yield; Quality. Tejasarwana,R. S.Andyantoro, dan P.K.Utami; Balai Penelitian Tanaman Hias Segunung

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