Friday, April 04, 2008

A Beginners Guide to Hydroponics!


What is Hydroponics? (Hydro) Water, (Ponic) Working "Water working." Soilless culture. To provide any plant with food and water supply in the most efficient and practical way. A high yield; clean growing. Hydroponics provides a naturally therapeutic hobby or lifestyle. Universally adaptable.How much does it cost? Maintenance and running costs are much lower than traditional gardening. For example an average hydroponic garden running cost is $1.00 per week. The initial set up may be expensive, depending on requirements. Using D.I.Y componentry is very economical.What are the advantages? Using a minimum of water, fertilizer, and pest control, makes hydroponics an ecologically sound method to garden. No Digging or weeding, minimal space required, continuous cropping, superb flavour.When did hydroponics start? Centuries ago the Hanging gardens of Babylon and the Aztec rafts in Mexico. New Zealand - approximately 1940.What systems are available? Static, Wick, Flood and Drain, Media Beds, and- N.F.T Gardens. Nutrient Film Technique is the most practical and widely used system.Are supplies readily available?Yes! Various outlets throughout New Zealand The shop and demonstration area situated in Avondale at 38 St Georges Rd, has been operating for 13 years. We supply the hydroponics industry with D.I.Y components plus a range of "Ready to Grow" units.

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