Friday, March 28, 2008

Rose Garden


A rose garden can be a delight to the eyes, nose and more. No other type of flower or flower garden quite compares to the Queen of Flowers. With a history steeped in romance, war, and seduction, the rose reigns over all others. There is a rose for just about any garden in just about any type of climate you have. Roses even grow above the Arctic Circle. There are delicate roses and the very hardy varieties as well. Don't let any one scare you away even if you are a beginning gardener. In some climates, growing roses can be more difficult than in others but you can still enjoy the awesome glory that is a rose garden. Within your rose garden you may desire to have all of one type or color. However, gardening with several different types allows you to enjoy the versatility the rose can provide. And why limit yourself to only one color...unless, of course, you delight in a monochromatic color scheme which can be quite beautiful when created with the rose and its companion plants. So be very sure to include the rose as a part of your flower gardening adventures. Our articles listed to the right, and those that are added over time, will provide you with all sorts of rose gardening tips so you can enjoy your own rose garden.

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