Thursday, March 27, 2008

Horticultural Fleece Hoods - Plant protectors (L)


Protect your trees and shrubs from cold and frost with a 'winter coat' made of horticultural fleece. The large (L) plant protection hoods come in packs of 2 - each winter plant protector is 1.48m x 2.5m in height. (approx 4.8 feet x 8.2 feet) These horticultural fleece plant protectors are put together to withstand harsh German Winters - so you know they are going to be good quality. Protects from frost, chilly wind the pressure put on by snow and the damage caused by wild animals. The micro-climate underneath the fleece also prevents the bark from drying out. This stops cracks from forming - pests and fungi can't get through. Help your plants get through winter without any problems. The hoods are slipped over the plant, the cord on the bottom hem is pulled tight - finished! The UV-stabilised material means it won't degrade like cheaper non-stabilised products, which means it should be good for several years. Each large pack contains 2 winter fleece covers with product details and instructions for use.

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