Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Analisa Komposisi Kimia Air Hujan dan Agroklimat terhadap Produksi Tanaman Buncis di Bandung Menggunakan Analisis Numerik


This research aimed to learn acid rain and agroclimate influence to bean plant crop result. Research location was Sukajadi district in Bandung. Data which obtained from Meteorological and Geophysical Agency contained from chemical composition and acidity of rain water, and bean plant crop result from 1994 until 1995 was obtained from Bandung City Agriculture Service. From numerical analysis result at local species bean plan crop result which soil species was alucial of Sukajadi prefecture, it could be gained that there were hare unsure in rain water which needed as nutrient for beams plant growing nd as toxic neutralizer. So some of those with its configuration with agroclimate could be ascend bean plant crop result. In beans production depending to parameters, there were some which could be correlated perfectly depend to its parameter. There were some of hare unsure which dominant for growing. The necessaries of hare unsure concentration respectively were varies, this was proved by fertilizer weight supply ratio which different.
Toni Samiaji, Rosalina Naitutu, Nurlaini, Siti Asiati

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