Friday, January 04, 2008



Pelargonium is a widespread flowering plant, native to Southern Africa, cultivated as houseplant (as a natural decoration of the apartments, houses, verandas as well as gardens and terraces, during summer). Description Pelargonium, commonly known as geranium,
is a genus of 200 species of perennial, succulent and shrub flowering plants. Pelargonium leaves are palmately lobed or pinnate, light or dark green colored, and the flowers have a different shave for different species, ranging star-shaped to funnel-shaped, with several colors, from white to orange and deep purple.One of the most cultivated species is Pelargonium zonale (Pelargonium hortorum) because of its variety of colors. Pelargonium caring Anyway, Pelargonium is a loved houseplant, being easy to care and creating also a charming view over your entire house. You have to take care about the watering, temperature, moisture light and ventilating. Water Pelargonium just once a week, during winter or low temperature periods, and once a day in summer, when there is high temperature and low moisture. Don’t over water it, because you’ll favor the apparition of grey parasite that is affecting the geranium roots and the plant will die. You have to maintain a constant temperature, about 15 degrees centigrade, and a well moisture and ventilated place, with moderate light. The most proper soil includes sand and peaty. Use also a purchased fertilizer for an intense feeding during summer. For well growing and beautiful flowers, pinch the plant in spring. This is the proper period for changing the soil above or even transplantation. Pelargonium flowering The geranium usually flowers in spring and summer, but it will flower in winter or cold arias too if the temperature is moderate and the plant enjoys the best conditions to grow. As a trick, after the flowering period, meaning at the end of the summer, keep the pot flower at rest for 5-6 weeks, while reduce the water till once in two days and without fertilizer. Thus your pelargonium will flower again. Pelargonium propagation The propagation method is by cuttings which are very easy to taken. Stick the Pelargonium or Geranium cutting in a soil composed by peaty, natural compost even sand. Maintain it always wet so that the plant will faster strike roots. You can do that anytime in a year, but is better in spring or summer, in full light and a moderate temperature.

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