Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mammillaria albiflora


Family: Cactaceae Synonyms: Mammillaria herrerae var. albiflora, Neomammillaria herrerae var. albiflora, Escobariopsis albiflora Sun Exposure: Light shade Minimum Avg. Temperature: 50°F (10°C) Origin: Mexico (Guanajuato)
Watering Needs: Water sparingly, needs good drainage Description Habit: it is a small cactus, usually solitary globular or cylindrical (clusters of stem can be seen in cultivation)Stem: Somewhat cylindrical, slender, about 2cm wide and 5-7cm high obscured by the spines. Stem and tubercles without latex. The axil is naked.Spines: 60-80 radial spines (less than in M. herrerae which has 100 or more) white, fine and interlacing. No central spines.Roots: TaprootFlower: 3,5cm long and wide, white (rarely whit a pinkish flush when grown in full sun) Flowering period (in Europe): April-MayFruit: Whitish retained within the spines, but not within the plant body. (see: cryptocarpy)Seeds: Black. Care and cultivationThis plant has not the fame to be easy to cultivate, but in good conditions with excellent ventilation, in bright light, with a well drained and mineral substratum usually grows without difficulty. Water sparingly, avoid the use of peat or other humus sources in the potting mixture eventually add some limestone. It need maximum sun exposure to achieve success in flowering.

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