Friday, January 04, 2008

Maintaining your beautiful flower garden


If one is aware of the ways of looking after his garden, a huge change can come over in the appearance and general well-being of his plants. If you follow the easy clues given below, you will have a blossoming, healthy garden. Chief Attention Should Be Given To the Fundamentals Ones floral garden requires ample water, the light of the sun and rich, luxuriant earth.
The well-being of plants will suffer much if they are devoid of these necessary requirements. A floral garden should be watered repeatedly throughout arid weather.Bulbs should be planted at the right profundity. Do not amass earth or mulch about the stalk while planting out perennials and shrubs, for in that case, the water will draw off and not go inside, as it should. The stalk could decompose due to too much warmth.Plant Perennials along with AnnualsSince they develop and blossom for many years, the bulbs of perennial plants do not require being planted again. On the other hand, annuals blossom and develop merely in their season. If you plant perennials with annuals, you may be sure of having flowers all the year round.Deadheading Will Promote Number of BloomsDeadheading is the process by which, the top of a flower is clipped, following its drooping. More flowers are generated due to this process. The plants will be stricken with maladies like mildew if the deadheads are thrown in the garden itself.Differentiate between the Useful and the Harmful InsectsUsually, garden bugs are not harmful but useful. Insects like butterflies, bees and beetles are called pollinators. Pollen grains are transmitted from flower to flowerby these insects, so that fertilization takes place. For existence, 80% of the plants with flowers depend upon bugs.Lifeless plant substance is decayed by sow bugs, dung beetles, and microbes like bacteria, fungi and others. The earth becomes richer in this manner, so that developing plants can utilize a greater number of nutrients.

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