Friday, January 04, 2008

Looking for different Bonsai Species


The word bonsai is usually associated with those dwarf trees that are placed in ceramic or other attractive containers. People usually relate bonsai growing to the Japanese but this method of dwarfing trees actually started in China.
The Japanese however developed the art of bonsai growing.A person who wants to start growing bonsai as a hobby should first have a love for plants and a lot of patience because bonsai-growing is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to choose a suitable tree species to grow and prune regularly before a person can see the product of his efforts. This usually takes a year or more.A person who has no knowledge of bonsai growing can join workshops and trainings. However, he can learn how to grow bonsai just by observing how bonsais are grown and by researching on the methods of growing bonsai.Some people believe there are specific tree species that are suitable for bonsai growing. Among the favorites species are maple, elm trees and pine trees. However, junipers, cherry trees with flowers and azaleas can also be very good species for bonsai growing.There are people who just love plants and who discover bonsai growing on their own. They start by experimenting on plants that are common in the area. However, the plans species that should be chosen should have all the requisites so it will turn out an attractive bonsai later on.Experts suggest choosing stocks or plant species that have been grown in the nursery as they have already become used to restricted conditions. A plant that has already rooted and which has intricate branches will be a good selection for bonsai- growing.Other bonsai growers intentionally go to forested areas or the wilds just to collect their species. Just make sure that the gatherer should be prepared with all the necessary equipment for keeping the plant species fresh and healthy. Do not forget to bring along plastic bags and moss to wrap around the plants and to keep them moistened.A plant that has just been uprooted from its source should be planted firmly on the ground first before it should be transferred on a bonsai container. The plant specie should first be given and opportunity to grow and to hold its roots before it is subjected to transplanting again and pruning for bonsai.A grower can also collect cuttings from suitable plant sources and then plant them and wait for them to root and become stronger before preparing them for the rigors of bonsai growing.It takes a lot of creativity and passion to become a bonsai grower. It also takes a lot of common sense to be able to choose the plant species that would prove a suitable plant for bonsai growing.

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