Monday, January 21, 2008



Toshka is a new spray Chrysanthemum that would not look out of place in a trendy florist shop, due to its fashionable colour combination of an apple green centre and contrasting ray florets. The white base and margin of each purple petal creates the effect of a shining halo.
The Russian sounding name was chosen for commercial reasons: the breeder anticipates that Toshka will do well on the Russian and Eastern European markets. Fortunately Toshka has tough foliage and sturdy stems that are able to withstand transport over long distances and also has an excellent vase life. Testing carried out at VBA showed a vase life of at least 22 days. Spray Chrysanthemum (Indicum Grp) Toshka (vbn code 101505) has been available from the Dutch auctions since the autumn of 2007 and will have year-round availability. From week 6 of 2008 Toshka will also be available from the Dutch auctions as a disbudded Chrysanthemum (vbn code 101724).

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