Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The benefits of white and yellow water lilies


Related to medicinal and useful plants, we want to present you the benefits of the White water lily (Nymphaea alba L.) and of the Yellow water lily (Nuphar lutea).
Both of water lily species above are perennial aquatic plants, growing in ponds or stagnant waters with 1.5-2 m deepness (if it’s about white water lily) or 3m, for yellow water lily. Water lilies are rooted in substratum and their flowers and leaves float on the water surface. Nymphaea alba’s medicinal properties are valuable. The white water lily’s roots and flowers contain tan substances, glucose, ethereal oils, starch, nymph alkaloid. Therefore the extracts from the water lily roots have anti-inflammatory and calming effects.Flowers infusion was a useful remedy against thirst and is now also a good remover of sleeplessness. For its content rich in starch (20%) and in glucose (6%), water lily’s rhysome is now consumed as nutriment. Also, the water lily seeds represent a good substitute for coffee. As a trick, use the water lily roots to stronger the hairbreadth. Boil the Nymphaea alba’s roots in beer, and you’ll obtain a natural hair treatment. Apply it on hair, after shampoo, rinsing the hair with. Repeat the procedure once at two washings and your hair will look healthier and shinier. Nuphar lutea (popular, yellow water lily) roots, leaves and seeds are consumed boiled, being a healthy nutrient for of the content rich in starch, tannin and also lipidic substances. Because the roots contain steroids, the specialists are recommending the medicinal products based on yellow water lily roots in the fight against infertility.Some people prepare a tonic beverage from yellow water lily flowers, and even jam.

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